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Mattson Technologies & Equipment: A Proud History of Service and Technological Innovation for over 50 Years

Everett L. Mattson: Founder of Mattson Technologies

Mattson Technologies & Equipment is a is a world class manufacturer of hydraulic presses and automatic welding equipment that services the undercarriages of crawler tractors.   In addition, Mattson is a full-service CAD software vendor for one of the most powerful CAD systems on the market, Solid Edge.

Mattson Technologies & Equipment, Inc. has its origin back in the 1950s. Company Chairman, Everett L. Mattson, whose prior background was welding engineer for the Lincoln Electric Company, started Automatic Welding Company in 1951. The original objectives were the welding of structural components for local industry, employing the then-now submerged-arc welding process.

When U.S. Manufacturing plants were busy with the Korean War effort, construction machinery parts were in short supply. This was at a time when four-lane divided highways were just being constructed. The first such highway was under construction between Milwaukee and the northern cities of Wisconsin. Because Caterpillar undercarriage parts were in very short supply, Mattson's company was called upon to rebuild parts for contractors on this project. As time went on rebuilding became, not only a stop-gap measure until the war ended, but an economical means of extending the life of undercarriage parts. This news spread throughout the industry, and soon rebuilding shops began springing up all across the country. Mattson's company responded with what became a continuing effort to develop better machines to meet this demand.

Cliff Mattson, President

From this humble beginning the present company was formed. In the 1970s, a son joined the business. Clifford, who obtained his formal education at the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MOE), is our chief engineer and president.

Many other excellent, dedicated people are an important and integral part of Mattson Technologies & Equipment, Inc.

In 1988 we began using CAD/CAM software in the development of our products. The success of this endeavor lead to the establishment of a separate company division. This division handles CAD/CAM sales, service and training for Wisconsin manufacturers. Consequently, the company is now made up of a machinery division and a CAD/CAM division, each with its own complimentary group. This cooperative process keeps us on the cutting edge of new technologies that are applied concurrently to new machine design and manufacturing operations.

Our roots are deep in the history and application of modern equipment to service the needs of the construction industry. Present operations involve domestic and overseas sales, installations, and operator training. We are pleased to offer this accumulated experience to assist in establishing or maintaining your undercarriage service facilities.


W1222 Linden Road, Ixonia, WI 53036
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